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  • Action Canada Foundation
  • Name of Program: Action Canada
  • Interviewee: Cathy Beehan, CEO
  • Brief Highlights: The Action Canada Foundation is a Canadian organization created by a unique private director/government of Canada partnership to “build leadership for Canada’s future.” The principal means to this goal is to annually select up to twenty exceptional young Canadians and engage them in a program of leadership development and public policy projects of significance to Canada. High standards must be met to become an Action Canada Fellow.
  • Website: www.actioncanada.ca
  • Words of Wisdom: At the opening night of the first Action Canada conference, a number of guests made presentations about leadership. Former federal NDP leader, Ed Broadbent, made a comment that we have since framed and hung on our wall. He said: “Real leaders want to do something not to be somebody.” To us, this comment encapsulates many profound aspects of leadership
  • Region: British Columbia, Canada
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