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  • Minerva Foundation for BC Women
  • Interviewee: Denise Coutts, Executive Director; Nancy McKinstry and Julia Kim, Board members
  • Brief Highlights: The Minerva Foundation for BC Women inspires and empowers women and girls to reach their full potential by creating opportunities and offering programs through trusted partnerships in the areas of education, leadership development, economic security, and safety.

    Effective leadership is the key to a strong economy and healthy society. Expanding the pool of potential leaders benefits government, business and the community. The Minerva Foundation is committed to advancing opportunities for women to assume leadership roles in all facets of society.

  • Website: www.theminervafoundation.com
  • Words of Wisdom: Our leadership development programs provide tools for the participants to achieve their personal, educational and career goals. It affirms the importance of each person’s responsibility to themselves and their community and provides a framework within which all constituents can benefit from the role models, support systems and mentors available to them. The lessons learned and the relationships forged have a ripple effect in the participant’s environment.

    We believe that with opportunity comes responsibility to make a difference.

  • Region: British Columbia
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