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  • Getting in the Groove
  • Name of Program: Jazz and the Improvising Organization
  • Interviewee: Brian Hayman, President
  • Brief Highlights: A unique learning experience that explores the magic and the discipline of jazz improvisation and its implications for enhancing organizational performance. The essence of jazz is collective improvisation. Its magic derives from the spontaneous, dynamic and creative interplay of the performing artists. But the freedom, so essential for its performance, is grounded in a rigorous individual and collective discipline. Jazz figured out a long time ago how a diverse but highly interdependent group of specialists can perform collaboratively. The program will be of special interest to people managing in environments characterized by uncertainty.
  • Website: www.gettinginthegroove.com
  • Words of Wisdom: Because the world has become so complex, most problems can only be solved by bringing a wide range of perspectives and skills to bear on them. Professional and political sectarianism, however, is often an impediment to such undertakings. Jazz, however, only works because musicians, as part of their own development, have made a point of understanding and appreciating what the nature of the contribution others make to the collaborative project which is the making of jazz music
  • Region: Ontario, Canada
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