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  • The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc. Formerly CEL, Centre for Exceptional Leadership Inc.
  • Name of Program: Leadership Development
  • Interviewee: Dr. Rosie Steeves, President; Barbara Ross-Denroche, Principal
  • Brief Highlights: The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc isn’t like any other leadership development company. We are candid, we are rigorous, and we challenge companies to make tough decisions that lead to greatness.

    Leadership issues impact the DNA of an organization, so The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc. goes deep. Our process combines the rigours of the academic world, the sophistication of the consulting world, and the knowledge of how things work in the real world. Committed to driving sustainable change, we build not just strong leaders but also leadership systems so clients can continue to drive growth over the long term.

    Done well, leadership development reaches far beyond the top of the org chart to raise the performance bar across an organization. Objectives are reached more quickly and problems are minimized. Stress is reduced, talented employees are satisfied, and a culture of achievement thrives. The Refinery Leadership Partners Inc. clears the path to brave new thinking, and our courageous clients reap the benefits in bottom-line results.

  • Website: www.refineryleadership.com
  • Words of Wisdom: Be careful what you ask for! Leadership development done right will transform your organization. Make sure you are ready for this and embrace it when it happens.
  • Region: British Columbia, Prairies
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