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  • The Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership
  • Name of Program: :Authentic Leadership Summer Program
  • Interviewee: Susan Szpakowski, Executive Director
  • Brief Highlights: Authentic Leadership workshops, dialogues, and training programs feature leading-edge faculty and methodologies for catalyzing change across organizational and societal boundaries. An integrative learning environment includes dialogue, meditation, and arts-based exercises. The Institute is a founding partner, with the United Way, of Envision Halifax. Affiliated faculty include Peter Senge, Margaret Wheatley, Adam Kahane, Otto Scharmer, and Christina Baldwin
  • Website: www.shambhalainstitute.org
  • Words of Wisdom: The challenges of our time demand that we reach deep into our human capacities, individually and collectively. Leaders require a wide range of skills in order to guide their organizations and communities towards more engaging and innovative ways of achieving their goals
  • Region: Atlantic
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