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  • Queen’s University, School of Business
  • Name of Program: International Exchange
  • Interviewee: Angela L. James, Direct.or, Centre for International Management
  • Brief Highlights: Queen’s School of Business sends 160 students to study internationally each year. Students typically describe this opportunity as one of the highlights to their time at Queen’s. We at the university and specifically parents continually express how much the students change and grown from their international experiences. Their perspective on the world and their own lives is much more open and forward thinking.
  • Website: www.business.queensu.ca
  • Words of Wisdom: We use past participants frequently to help explain the benefits of the program and how it has changed them. When working with students they relate better to other students who are close in age, dealing with similar issues and are much more open to asking questions. We facilitate the program and help to stimulate word of mouth
  • Region: Ontario
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