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  • Université Laval, Département de management
  • Name of Program: Complexité, conscience et gestion [Complexity, Conscience and Management ]
  • Interviewee: Dr Mario Cayer et Dre Marie-Ève Marchand, Professors
  • Brief Highlights: The Complexity, Conscience and Management program has been created to help managers apply transformational leadership in today’s world marked by complexity and uncertainty. It touches the person as a whole and is mainly concerned with developing people skills that allow him/her to exercise a form of management that is in line with his/her values.
  • Website: http://www5.fsa.ulaval.ca
  • Words of Wisdom: We agree with Professor Kegan from Harvard University who maintains that to manage with ease in our complex world, it is more useful to develop a new ways of thinking than to acquire new knowledge or new techniques.
  • Region: Québec
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