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  • University of Alberta, School of Business, Executive Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Name of Program: Leadership Development
  • Interviewee: Linda Arnoldussen, Director – Learning and Operational Excellence
  • Brief Highlights: If you are a supervisor, manager or leader this interactive program will benefit you, regardless of professional experience. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) guides you through eight days of competency-based, cumulative skill building modules in supervision and leadership strategy development. The program reinforces values and direction, and offers you the opportunity to network with your peers, while building your skills that today’s leaders need to manage and lead their human resources to greater individual, team, and organizational performance
  • Website: http://execed.bus.ualberta.ca
  • Words of Wisdom: Ensure clear communication to individuals chosen for leadership development to dissipate the learner as hostage syndrome. Advocate that the leader has a leadership opportunity or challenge to work through. This can be addressed within the learning community or worked through during or post training. The action of doing and having ‘buy-in’ from the organization’s top, middle and bottoms will promote learning transfer. The organization must support the leader as a learner by creating the space to integrating the knowledge (whether new or reinforced). And, if the culture and organizational goals are not aligned with the leadership development, the transformation of leadership will not be realized
  • Region: Prairies
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